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About Us

PropertyVakil is a professionally managed organization and is the concept and design of its founder Manish Dev who has been associated and involved in the real estate market for over 15 years. After a long and intense career in the Real Estate Industry, Mr. Dev strongly felt that to reduce the frivolous, fake, illegal and non-genuine transactions, an initiative involving an exhaustive legal search was the only solution.

How are WE different?

The reasons for our reputation and mark in the Real Estate Industry includes impeccable quality, correct approach, motive of service and value for money. The innovative approach of the organization has given a new dimension to legal search in the Real Estate Industry. At PropertyVakil.com we have a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and advocates, with rich experience in the real estate industry.

PropertyVakil.com is your real friend for real-estate industry. It provides you with the best of its services and helps you take quick and efficient decisions regarding real-estate matters like buying, selling, renting, leasing, etc. of properties in India. PropertyVakil.com has experts with professed knowledge in matters related to real estate who are better placed to review and give opinion on the status of the property.


We aim at converting your faith into confidence and at delivering peace and comfort in owning a property.
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