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This search covers the following:
1. Deed Copy: The most recent deeds are made available duly certified.
2. Document Book and Page: Written location of the documents, showing book and page or document number.
3. Legal Description: Description of the property in legal parlance.
4. Mortgage Search: It will provide the information about the mortgage lender, amounts of mortgages and dates.
5. Equity Loan Search: Report of equity loans against the property.
6. Foreclosure Search: Report of foreclosure status, listing any lis pendens, notice of default, etc.
7. Tax Lien Search: Title search for tax lien encumbrances on the property.
8. Municipal Services Lien Search: Report of dues of unpaid municipal services such as utilities, water, sewer, trash, etc.
9. Treasury Lien Search: Liens for unpaid tax payments.
10. State Tax Search: Check for unpaid Sales Tax, employment taxes, state licenses, etc.
11. Mortgage Modification: The latest recorded modification is included.
12. Release of Lien: It is important to check liens to see if any have subsequently been released.
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