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Welcome to PropertyVakil.com

Acquiring property was never easier and hassle-free. PropertyVakil.com offers Real Estate Solutions in India. Purchasing property is made easier at PropertyVakil.com. There are a number of laws such as Transfer of Property Act, Land Revenue Act, Local Authority Acts, Registration Act, Apartment Act, Government Approvals, etc. which govern property dealing in India. Purchasing an old property of an existing user demands a lot more than examination of the details, documents, title, etc. The property may be owned by a number of owners, the seller does not possess a proper property title, the property is already sold or it may be encumbered, the property may be subject to mortgage, Adverse Possession, etc. It is difficult for any individual to look into all the issues arising in a deal of property. PropertyVakil.com offers solutions to the Real Estate Title Search in India.

Examination of property documents is a complex process. Land records are generally in vernacular language and scattered over a number of places. The part records may exist with number of authorities like Development Authority / Urban Improvement Trust, Municipality, Electricity Department, Water Supply Department, Department of Sub-Registrar, Department of Land Records, etc.

A title search is a process that is performed primarily to determine the answer to basic questions:

  • Does the seller have a saleable interest in the property?

  • What kind of restrictions or allowances pertains to the use of the land (real covenants, easements, etc.)?

  • Do any liens exist on the property which need to be paid off at closing?

A title search is also performed when an owner of a property wishes to mortgage his property and the bank requires assurance of their transaction.

Knowledge of a common man is limited in the property deals. We have experts with professed knowledge in matters related to real estate who are better placed to review and give opinion on the status of the property. We at PropertyVakil.com take the hassle out of searching, preparing and registering documents while providing the fastest and most competitively priced quality services in the real estate industry. We excel in providing property search throughout India, drafting of deeds and documents, registration, etc. - Making it a complete real estate solution organization.

We generate viable solutions to every problem and simplify the complications in the real estate market. We perform title search and provide legal opinion to real estate investors, companies, banks, mortgage companies and homeowners. We partner with our customers to solve their problems and for a long term relationship. We strive towards providing the best of the efforts in finding solutions, managing deals and above all converting faith into confidence for our customers.

We aim at converting your faith into confidence and at delivering peace and comfort in owning a property.
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